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Cambridge Baptist Church

What We Believe

We Believe
  1. The Bible is the inspired, complete, Word of God.
  2. There is One God eternally existing in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. In the deity of Jesus Christ; His virgin birth; His death on the cross for the payment of sin; His bodily resurrection; His ascencion to heaven and His return to establish His kingdom on earth.
  4. That all people are sinners by nature and must repent of our sin and believe in Jesus in order to be saved from our sin.
  5. Salvation is received by the grace of God through faith alone.
  6. That every believer in Jesus Christ is kept secure by God for eternity.
  7. That Satan is real and that hell is a real place of eternal punishment for all who reject Jesus Christ.
  8. That a New Testament Church is a body of baptised believers gathered to proclaim God's glory through preaching the Word of God, sharing our faith and practicing Scriptural ordinances.
  9. That baptism is the immersion in water of a saved person in the likeness of the death, burial and resurrection of the Saviour.
  10. That the Lord's Supper is a church ordinance to be observed by faithful and obedient members in rememberance of our Lord's Death.
  11. In the resurrection of the saved to eternal life with God and the lost to eternal condemnation separated from God
  12. In the pre-tribulation rapture of the New Testament saints.
  13. In the pre-millenial second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ with His New Testament saints to the earth, according to His promise.
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